I have a doctorate in English.  I have studied German philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, and the semiotics of Charles Sanders Pierce.  I wrote a couple of books but they acquired very few readers, so I am here blogging to clear my own mind on a few issues that have come up in my recent readings on atheisim, science, and the continuing decline of American imperial culture.

I live in a shack with a Llaso Apso named Dog.  I don’t vote, but I do bitch.   I enjoy old mysteries and old movies, and I listen to music, because, why not.

This blog, then, is an exploration of my personal interests – but not in the sense that it’s about my family or friends or irritating neighbors.  It’s about intellectual interests and cultural problematics, their histories and possible futures.  But it may also be about my Dog on occasion, because, why not.

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    • Hi Dr E John Winner,

      I have just made a comment at theelectricagora blog, which is awaiting approval. Since I enjoyed reading your essay very much, I thought that I should greet and meet you here to thank you for sharing your latest thoughts with us. My said comment is quoted here as follows:

      I would like to concur with eightieshair, and would appreciate some clarifications of the issues raised in his comment.

      In any case, I would like to congratulate E John Winner for composing this wonderfully thoughtful essay, and to thank Daniel A Kaufman for publishing it, the start of which is quoted in the section called “Classical Logic: Contradiction, Context, Scope, Validity, Generalizability” of my post entitled “The Quotation Fallacy “💬”” at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/the-quotation-fallacy/

      May you find this autumn very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and philosophizing!


  1. Hi, thanks for following. Nice to meet you.
    Maybe you should use some tags on your articles so that people looking for certain topics in their reader would find them (and become your followers) (except you write this only for yourself) 🙂

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  2. I don’t vote, but I do bitch.

    Vote more, bitch less.

    On second thoughts, keep up the bitching. But vote.

    This blog, then, is an exploration of my personal interests

    That’s the best reason for blogging.

    Well, okay, that’s why I blog anyway. Others may have different reasons.

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