The case against Trump is too extensive to get into here. At this rate only someone with their head completely in the right-wing sand would vote for him.

The case for Biden is quite good, even for progressives and conservatives, and the case for Harris as his administrative partner gets better every day.

Trump threatens violence should he lose – oh hell, even if he wins, he loves the chaos, he loves others’ pain.

Well, let him threaten, and be prepared to meet it with courage and grace. We can’t slip quietly into the dark night of fascism and authoritarianism. We owe it to our children to make the effort to save our democratic republic.

I appeal to you, as one American to fellow Americans, whatever your background – remember, no matter our differences, we are all Americans. Let us preserve that and save a future in which we can find common ground.

If you haven’t yet – vote. Vote Democratic all along the ballot. Even if you’re Republican, understand that the GOP needs a good spanking for having enabled this sociopathic bully in the White House. We can re-form, gather again, and disagree on policy in the future, but let us get the stinking failed businessman and known criminal out of the White House now.

This is not reality TV. People’s lives depend on it. The future of your children depends on it. Whether there will even be a UNITED STATES of America after January 20th depends on it.

This is not just another election. Vote for Biden and Harris Nov. 3rd.

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