Don’t know what country I’m living in



The title of this post explains why I have not been writing much here lately.  The parade of thugs continues apace in Washington, and it will only get more grim as time goes on.


The followers of chief thug, Donald J. continue to reveal that they still have absolute faith  in the man, and regard any dissension or factual revelation as subversive cant.  There is yet only dialogue among those who didn’t vote for him.  Without a real public discussion, based on fact and twitter rants, were unlikely going to move forward at the grass roots level.


Let’s make this clear:  Donald Thug is already impeachable.  He has yet to distance himself from his businesses, which means that he is entangled in conflicts of interests left and right.  His relationship with Russia will likely prove treasonous.  His executive orders are probably largely unconstitutional.


But he enjoys the backsides of Republican congress people willing to get properly buggered just so they can get their gifts to the wealthy established as public policy, while rolling back our freedoms, including our right to vote and perhaps (Thug is already laying the groundwork for it) our freedom of the press.


Meanwhile Chief Thug continues to embarrass the United States on the world stage. gaffing and trolling from Tokyo to Canberra, from Beijing to Stockholm.


I don’t know this country anymore.  I didn’t think the voters were this gullible, I didn’t think the constitutional government this fragile.


So, I’m feeling a little lost at sea.  I will probably republish here comments I make elsewhere.  But until I get my sea legs in this terrible storm, I’m not sure what to say.


I think sometimes of devoting this blog to unrelenting attacks and parodies of the Thug Administration… but then, there’s the problem that he is so evidently mentally ill, and the American people so blinded, that it’s difficult to know if humor or invective can have any effect here.  It’s already a farce – one couldn’t satirize Thug any more strongly than he satirizes himself every time he opens his mouth.


No, there has to be some other creative response here.  But I don’t know what.


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