Trump says it: why bother with election?

Yep, I called it:


Parody Trump: “We all know the people love me – even the towel-heads, the darkies, the kikes, the spics, the chinks – they all love me – Everybody loves me, we all know that. So I think it’s fair to say that an election in November would be a waste of time.” Trump (almost) in the news, no sign of it, August 7, 2016 post.


Real Trump: “And just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right? What are we even having it for? What are we having it for?” Speech in Toledo, Ohio, October 27, 2016


I would also be posting comparisons between my pre-debate parody of the second debate (Political discourse, 2016: tonight’s debate, October 9) and the actual second debate; except that the actual second debate was far worse than the parody version I imagined for it, with Trump stalking threateningly behind Clinton and repeatedly trying to shout her down.  And the third debate was even worse:





And then, being the stubborn unrepentant asshole that he is, Trump bulled his way into the Al Smith Dinner that Thursday, insulting Hillary and upsetting his conservative Catholic hosts, and manage to accomplish the seeming impossible – he lost a fourth presidential debate in an election that was only scheduled for three.


After  Trump declared, in his Gettysburg address (agh! – choke) that his first 100 days in office would be spent suing all the women whom he groped for talking about it in public, it has become pretty obvious to most astute pundits that, as I had already remarked in a previous post, policies were simply not at issue in this election.    This is all about personalities -or, rather, the personality, the big aging man-baby with no impulse control.


Clinton is a conservative (and on another day, I’ll perhaps explain why I always knew that the first female president would have to be a conservative), and I of course am not a conservative.  But Trump is mentally unstable, a narcissist with a streak of paranoia and delusions of grandeur, who has always bullied others his whole life, surrounding himself with yielding sycophants and submissive concubines. and who’s primary interest in the presidency is using it to further his personal financial interests.   That’s no one I want anywhere near a political office.


But he may end up being more than simply a sad footnote in American political history.  He has already started up the suspected Trump TV as a streaming service on Facebook.  Social media experts say that when he turns it into a subscription service, assuming $10 a month, it could bring him as much as roughly 12 million a year.


But I think there is worse to come – certainly for the Republican party.  This man won’t let go.  Although he hasn’t the temperament to organize and run a third party, he certainly has it to lend his name to one.  And the alt-right and fringe right have already demonstrated their organizing abilities.  And the media, by allowing Trump to get this far, have allowed him to bring them into the mainstream.  While that has the benefit of breaking the Republican Party in two, it also means the coming of a truly fascistic party, and one that will be able to win House seats for at least two or three election cycles.  And that would be no mere footnote to history – think of the potential for coarsening political discourse even worse than this year – but it would be sad.


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