A pause for a cause

I did have one more brief note on reading Hegel to post here, but after wrestling with editing it for more than a week without being able to bring it together satisfactorily, I’ve decided to set it aside for now, and move on.


What that means for No Sign of It is that this web log will go on hold for a few weeks, while I post a longish essay (some 20,00 words), in sections, on a separate weblog: Thinking Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of the State (address: https://heideggerpolitics.wordpress.com/ ).


That essay addresses the controversial issue concerning Heidegger’s politics, especially in the 1930’s, in both its historical context and in the context of the Heidegger’s philosophical inheritance.


Once that essay is completely posted, I will return here and get back to more current topics, such as the significance of Donald Trump’s hair, or whether Ted Cruz is really a Satanist, or why NCIS stopped being an interesting TV show after the second season.


Until then – if you have any interest in Heidegger, visit the other web log (I will start posting in earnest in about a week).  If not, check back here in a month or so, and hopefully I will be back with some interesting things to talk about (or at least a few good jokes.)


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