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Sorry for coming so late to the discussion. I’ve been busy digging through my old study on Hitler to get some essays out of it. WordPress permitting, I am reblogging this on my own blog, and will there then post my response (which got a bit too wordy to post respectfully here).

Random thoughts

Ejwinner you are listening 😀

In world as will and idea, Schopenhauer writes

[…]as will, and therefore as individual, he is only one, and this one exclusively, which gives him enough to do and suffer. As the purely objective perceiver, he is the pure subject of knowledge in whose consciousness alone the objective world has its existence; as such he is all things so far as he perceives them, and in him is their existence without burden or inconvenience.
It is his existence, so far as it exists in his idea, but it is there without will. So far, on the other hand, as it is will, it is not him

What do you make of the above paragraph?

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