Forgiving Santa, in three notes (1)

1. I think the emotions and psychology that form our perspectives on cultural issues ought to be acknowledged; otherwise we will be misled into thinking those perspectives are coming from somewhere above, as if intellect were divorced from personality. This has certainly been an ideal in Western philosophy, but is easily falsifiable once biographical information is taken into account. We are humans first; and then, if lucky and industrious, thinkers after.

Currently, I’m considering the problem, that Santa Claus * is a construction of collective fiction-making or story-telling (rather than a myth), and considering some of the social uses of this, in order to come to terms with a season that, frankly, annoys and depresses me (when I let it remind me of where I came from).

But first, a comment from a perspective fortunately under-represented in the ‘War on Christmas’ debates so far:

“You ever noticed how easy it is to transform ‘Satan’ from ‘Santa’? Just move the ‘n’ to the end. And presto! ‘Satan’ appears.”
“Is ‘Claus’ another anagram for ‘Lucas’? It’s no secret Lucas and Lucis are new-age “code words” for Lucifer.”
“Maybe Santa Claus means ‘Satan’s Claws’? Like a lion’s ‘claws’? ‘Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour’: 1 Peter 5:8
“I am sure many reading this are thinking, ‘Aw, c’mon, Santa Claus is just fantasy. What is the big deal. Nobody takes it serious.’
And that is where you are WRONG – DEAD WRONG! Those little children take their Santa very serious! They literally worship him! They believe and love Santa with all their heart!
Most parents would never teach their beautiful little children such a lie as Santa Claus. Most parents would never openly lie to their children. Especially something that is a blasphemous imposter of the Lord Jesus.
And Satan knows this.
So he disguises the lie in a nice little package of make-believe and fantasy. He creates a harmless ol’ jolly fellow that just loves little children. And most parents think, “Now what could be wrong with that?”
Fantasy. . . Satan’s ‘magic weapon.’ “

– Dr. Terry Watkins, of Dial-the Truth Ministries, “Santa Claus, the Great Imposter,”

The (lengthy) article is a remarkable document – it is filled with esoteric research, interpretive strategies bordering on the schizophrenic, and a strangely holistic paranoia presenting itself as calm reasoning. It’s a reminder of the need not to let our concerns over fantasy become themselves fantastical. ‘Satan’s magic weapon’ may really prove nature’s greatest gift – properly co-ordinated with the real, of course.


“Did atheists invent Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to brain wash children into doubting and questioning other imaginary beings like the christian God?”  Daldianus,


Oh, Santa! Thou marvelous Satan’s tool!
How could I have ever doubted you,
to ‘mis’lead the youth away from childish things
and introduce them to wild imaginings
of charity and hope,
away from the bigots who cry “nope, nope, nope!”




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