Nero Wolfe: The Dickinson Thing: Chapter One

So the adventure begins….

No Sign Of It will return when the novel’s completely posted ( a month or so).

I’ll rest my head for the while…. Enjoy the summer!

The Dickinson Thing: A Nero Wolfe Mystery


The Dickinson Thing
A Nero Wolfe Mystery
Emmanuel John Winner
A tribute to Rex Stout

Chapter One

The agreement to keep this thing quiet, at least important parts of it, for fifty years was by no means accomplished by a shake of the hands between gentlemen, even supposing one could call Nero Wolfe a gentleman. Well, he is, I suppose, but he is also known to be conceited and, I would go on to suppose, even vain. So he would not have agreed to have his part in the matter suppressed five decades just out of some sense of common courtesy, even to a client. No, the agreement was drawn up in contract form, appropriately signed and notarized, pursuant to Wolfe receiving final payment from a client who had gotten more, much more, than what had been bargained for, and yet also less than he had hoped.

Anyway, assuming you…

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