Poem: ‘come, finality!’


come, finality –
why hide all these years?

did you not love what is?

surely to end it, you must.

let us go, then, hand in hand,
into darkness.

discover there,
no discovery –

being itself –
empty, alone, secure

better there,
than a lingering afterthought

now – nothing!
the beauty of it is unspeakable!




One thought on “Poem: ‘come, finality!’

  1. The condition of my health is such that doctors keep revising their estimates on the amount of time I have left to enjoy its suffering. First it was five years, then ten, then twenty, then ten again, then “a couple years;” recently, “well, whenever.” The ‘couple years’ was the worst and yet also the most amusing, after which I wrote this poem.

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