On Grace And Forgiveness

I haven’t been writing much concerning my atheism lately; my interests have taken other turns. However, I don’t want readers thinking I’m becoming a closet theist – which is the usual theist chant concerning those atheists who don’t say much on the matter continually. (Theist legend always has it that some atheist has converted on their deathbed – I’ve heard this about even Christopher Hitchens. I don’t want this to be said about me – and I’m not even dead yet!) So I’ll reblog this excellent brief critique of the christian concept of ‘grace.’ Grace is one of those ‘maybe’ promises, rather like a wanted lover who promises that ‘maybe’ this week-end will be the right time for sex. Except it never is, and eventually you realize its just a tease to get you to go to some show or some party you have no interest in. And of course, its a maneuver for control – buy this promise, and who knows what other nonsense you will buy.

So I’ll let inspiredbythedivine share the divine inspiration: if you buy grace, you will want to buy my Brooklyn Bridge – I built it with god’s loving hands (my own were out to laundry that day…).

The Arm Chair Pontificator

Grace_Saved_Faith_version_2_by_Valster73The concept of Grace used to come up quite often during my 15 years of formal Catholic education, but I’ve retained little of what I learned about it back then.  So I recently decided to re-enlighten myself on the subject by reading what the Catholic Church and one or two other Christian denominations had to say about it.  In all honesty, if I hadn’t already been an a-theist, I’d have become one based solely upon what I read.  Though there are subtle semantic differences to how, say, Lutherans and Catholics define “grace”, the basic premise, and one I find deeply insulting, is fundamentally the same.  Because of Adam and Eve’s original disgusting sin, little ‘ol me and you were born into this world with our immortal souls awash in filth, evil, debauchery, and contempt for God, our Master.  It is only by the “grace” of this same benevolent and all-loving…

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