The Monster in the Mirror: Fear of the Public Persona

Yet another EsoteriX I must re-blog. This is wholly unfair; readers expect this blog to be about alien abductions, and it keeps giving them history and thoughtful reflection – and who wants that?

Currently I’m considering the problem of the social development of the individual, so I just have to re-blog this.

Even when we are isolated, we are still public personalities – our governments will not let us be otherwise.

Warhol promised us all 15 minutes of fame; now we need a media-savvy artist to promise us 15 minutes of being alone with our own thoughts.

(You might be interested in a short post of mine on the early Edison version of Frankenstein, Also titled “Monster in the Mirror” – – We are what we survey; we are what interests us most; what interests us most is what we do survey, despite our mathematics and logics asserting otherwise.

Protagoras was right (and Socrates wrong): “Man is the measure of all things” (and the measure of all things is weird).


“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

This one's going on Facebook. This one’s going on Facebook.

We are all public figures now.  While the paparazzi aren’t camped out on your lawn, they have pitched a tent in your mindspace.  I see no fewer than a dozen articles a day published on “image control” in the era of social media.  Our desire for connectedness compels distance.  The more people we let into our virtual world, the more effort we exert at mastering the presentation of the self.  In some sense, identity has always been malleable, the instrument with which we validate ourselves against the universe, that fixed point around which the constellations of our social interactions revolve, a tangible, physical center which could with effort could be moved or reinvented, but represented our core.  Now, in…

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