The danger of thinking we know best

Excellent reminder that (at least a moderate) skepticism rightfully must be applied to our own beliefs. It is exactly tolerance for the possibility that we can be wrong that opens the door to progress. ‘Certainty’ is only a narcotic for closed minds.


Click through for full sized version, and to see the red-button caption.

via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

I often wish I could draw comics.  You can say a lot in a brief and humorous cartoon.

I think one of the dangers we always have to be on guard against is the trap of thinking that we know best, that we’ve finally figured it all out, that everyone who thinks differently than we are idiots who simply must give up their misguided ways and think like we do.  It’s an alluring trap, that we probably have all fallen into at one time or another.  It is, to some degree, human nature.

The most typical example is religious fundamentalists and extremists.  Right now, Islamic extremists are the most glaring and violent of these examples.  But there are plenty of people in other religions and cultures who share similar impulses, a desire to impose their values…

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