Muslim voices of reason – and of irrationality



No comments on this from me as yet.  I think it might be worth while to do further research on the place and possible impact of moderate Muslim leaders in the West.  Of course there’s still the question of the place and impact of moderate Muslim leaders in Islam-dominated nations.  So I’m not sure if this news represents a positive step in the right direction, or whether the Haqiqah project is a gesture doomed to futility.

From today’s Independent UK: “Islamic magazine Haqiqah seeks to ‘drown out violent voices’ of Isis and al-Qaeda on the web:”

“A digital magazine challenging the twisted ideologies of groups such as Isis and al-Qaeda has been launched by Muslim leaders to “drown out violent voices”.

“Imams from the UK and Europe gathered at a London summit yesterday to launch the new Haqiqah, which translates as “reality” or “truth”. The first issue* focuses on Isis and their cruel reasonings behind killing, raping and pillaging.

“It claims to offer a counter-narrative to the rhetoric of murderous groups with sections providing context to specific Koranic verses, which are often distorted in extremist material and also that of fierce critics who seek to discredit Islam.”

(Read remaining article: There are only three comments to the article so far, but they are not without their interest, in presenting opposing perspectives on the issue.)




Arabic: “reality,” “truth”), in Sufi (Muslim mystic) terminology, the knowledge the Sufi acquires when the secrets of the divine essence are revealed to him at the end of his journey toward union with God. The Sufi must first reach the state of fana’ (“passing away of the self”), in which he becomes free from attachment to the earthly world and loses himself entirely in God. After he is awakened from that state he attains the state of baqa’ (“subsistence”), and haqiqah is revealed to him.” –

However, the prospects for optimism concerning the development of some sort of enlightened Islam possibly constraining fundamentalists threatening the world with catastrophic violence (because, after all, Judgment Day is at hand, right?), also took a beating today from another direction, that of institutionalized geopolitics.

Consider further news from the same edition of the Independent:  The fundamentalist Islamic regime of Saudi Arabia, known for its covert support of certain Sunni terrorist organizations (which American politicians prefer not to discuss), has announced that it will not rule out the possibility of acquiring nuclear weapons (which they could readily get from their friends in the failed state – and terrorist training groundzone – of Pakistan.  –

The irony here is this:  The Supreme Leader of Iran has ruled out nuclear weapons as in violation of principles to be found in the Qur’an; but American Republicans hate Iran and are pressing for strikes against Iranian nuclear power plants –  one argument being the worry that Iran would use nuclear weapons against Israel, a Republican fave.  But Republicans love Saudi Arabia (and its money, its oil, its political influence), even frequently socializing with the royal house of that kingdom.   So it is a pretty safe bet that we will hear no complaints from the Republicans if Saudi Arabia acquires nuclear weapons – despite the fact that Saudi Arabia’s primary target for these weapons would likely also be Israel.  (The Saudi’s have publicly indicated previously that they would target such weapons against Shi’ite Iran, thus providing Republicans here with a comfort zone full of excuses.  But after all, Saudi Arabia has a long history of antagonism against Israel, a fact Republicans prefer to ignore.)

(Anybody who thinks we’re living in a sane world probably needs therapy.)

Again, no more detailed comment from me yet; but if any reader has a comment that can help clarify details, I would be appreciative.  (If not, then, well, just note this for later reference….)


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