Rapture ‘Rithmetic: The Other Side of the Eternal Velvet Rope

I hate it when people get saved before I do, they take up all the space in the cloud.

(seriously, do Christians understands how few of them are promised to get to heaven? It’s a kind of pyramid game, isn’t it?)


“I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the ordeal of meeting me is another matter” – Winston Churchill

I never did like crowds... I never did like crowds…

Some days I worry about the Rapture.  Sure, nobody likes to get left behind, but given my ethnic extraction and questionable hobbies, I’m quite certain that my name’s not on the short list.  The source of my concern isn’t that I’m being excluded from the party, rather it’s more mathematical.  Basically, the numbers worry me.

Now, the quick and dirty on the Rapture is that while most Christian denominations can agree that eventually Jesus H. Christ will be making a comeback tour, opinions tend to vary widely on what happens next.  A good portion of Christianity in all its differing forms uses “Rapture” simply to mean the final egalitarian resurrection of everybody there at the end of the universe, which is…

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