First thoughts on the coming holiday


This coming week, let us celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior – He Who came to this world to redeem us from the sinfulness of our worldly flesh.

Thousands of years ago, the Son of God, He was born of a virgin, in a land where her people were oppressed.

Yet, fearlessly, He delivered His message of universal love. But He will deliver the wicked and sinful to their just desserts.

If we are to believe ancient eyewitness and sacred Scripture (as we are assured we must), He performed miracles, ministered to the poor, and chastised the wealthy and powerful.

The wise are fallen, believers are saved forever.
Reason is only for fools, and the Word is our Commandment. Follow His Law unquestioningly, and you too might realize the consummate joy of knowing Him in the afterlife.

As one website put it: “He knows everything, He contains all of reality, and all other living beings are His inseparable parts. He is the all-powerful, supreme controller of all energies.”*

As He Himself knew forehand, He was killed through arrogance and ignorance; but following this, he ascended physically into Heaven.

Now he waits there with His other personae; yet They are all one: the eternal, all powerful, all knowing God. And the end will come to this earth through His mercy, when divine justice will be finally realized.

Yes… this coming week… observe a very


Yes, folks, Merry Krishnamas and happy Saturnalia!

Or, in other words, choose one god, choose them all.

Or learn to live without any, just as you are – another mortal animal on the third stone from the sun.


“When we say “Krishna,” we’re talking about God. Many people—especially outside of India—have never heard of Krishna before. They may think Krishna is a “different God” from the one they worship. But there’s only one Supreme Person, and Krishna is one of His names.
The name Krishna literally means “all-attractive.” So, not only is Krishna/God all-powerful and all-knowing, He’s also the most beautiful Person.”

Jesus, ya ain’t got nothing on this guy! Better get a manicure if you really wanna look this good!

(Further information:

“may you never hear surf music again.” – Jimi Hendrix (another name for god).


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