Apsethus the Libyan: How to Get Ahead in Divine Advertising

An interesting, amusing, and historically informed account of one attempt to achieve divinity. So, there are successful sales campaigns, like Paul’s, and then there are parrots. And religion reduces to marketing (but I always suspected as much).


“Advertising is legalized lying” – H.G. Wells

Twitter in the 2nd Century A.D. Twitter in the 2nd Century A.D.?

Are you in a dead end job?  Perhaps you should consider retraining as a god.  A lot of folks mistakenly assume that divinity is something you have to be born into, but the truth is it’s all about marketing.  That said, you can’t just write “God” on your resume and expect to be taken seriously, although that’s how your boss probably got his ill-deserved promotion.  Even more modestly declaring yourself “the son of God” rarely ends well.  Being a god takes more than moxy, miraculous powers, and a high opinion of oneself.  The truth is you have to work at it.  You need to network.  You need a strategic plan.  Sure, throwing a few thunderbolts lends a little to your celestial cache and turning water to wine buys a few votes, but long term sustainability of a…

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