Can There be a Purpose to This Post?

I am firmly in the camp that believes that the universe has no special purpose, and that therefore we make our own meaning here. That’s precisely the wonder about being human. I know it feels good to think some divine mind planned on one’s own life especially – but there’s no adventure to that, no sense of achievement. I’d much rather grapple with life, at least I’ll feel I’ve lived it at the end.
But I appreciate thoughtful perspectives on the matter. This is a well-written and intriguing essay.

Truth Is Elusive

EvangelistsA few weeks ago Josh brought up some good points about meaning and purpose in life at this link on Nate’s post.  We hashed through some of that over there but I thought I’d try to add a few more of my thoughts on the subject.  I actually agree with a lot of what Josh wrote (although I’m not sure he realized that), but there were some things he wrote that I thought could be looked at from a different angle.

First I’d like to explore what in the world is meant by “life’s meaning”.  For this I’d like to start with a quote from Loyal Rue:

When individuals articulate the meaning of life they are attempting to specify why they value life.1

I believe this hits the nail on the head, and I believe it explains why atheists are actually correct when they say that their life is…

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