Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Literalism ‘n’ “moderate” Muslims

A friend and I were just discussing this. It is clear that without an enlightenment or reformation movement within Islam, the current geopolitical situation can get much much worse; but it’s difficult to imagine what such a movement might possibly look like, given Islam’s history and the commitments it currently demands, regardless of sect.

Why Evolution Is True

As most of us know, the Qur’an is supposed to be the direct and unfiltered word of Allah as dictated to Muhammad, and metaphorical interpretations of the Qur’an aren’t nearly as acceptable as they are for, say, the Bible.  The Jesus and Mo author reminds us of this, and of the insanity of “inerrant books”. The author’s sent a commentary along with the usual notification about a new strip:

No sentient adult should have a “holy scripture”. To do so is a complete abnegation of intellectual responsibility. A cop out. A cheat as blatant and shameful as a schoolboy copy-pasting his homework from the internet. There is no excuse for it.


Apropos of this, Ali A. Rivzi, an ex-Muslim and Canadian physician, has written a piece in PuffHo called “An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims,” which is worth reading.  In it, he argues that moderate Muslims are enabling their more extremist and more vicious…

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