Links this week

Since I don’t have a “links” sidebar (hey, I’m cheap, I’m here free), every now and then I’ll post links to blogs or other sites that I’ve found of interest recently. Besides, it counts as a post for the day when I’m busy with other things. (this is a really fascinating blog about a woman’s continuing efforts to deal with a debilitating psychological/psychiatric problem; I certainly hope she finds her way out of it) (really weird stuff, but the guy knows his history) (persecuted out of the US during the McCarthy witch hunts, certainly one of the more important physicists of the ’50s and an eccentric contributor to the development of neuroscience) (the guy is outrageous and arrogant, but also challenging, agree with him or not) (I disagree with some of Boudry’s details, but let’s face it, Lacan was a nut)


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