Condoleeza Rice should be in jail

In response to Massimo Pigliucciat
Arguing for the right of politically suspect speakers to speak at university functions (the “politically correct” problem that liberals – never conservatives, interestingly – always feel they need to debate).
I sympathize with the general tenor of this post, but I take great exception to the inclusion of any defense of Condoleeza Rice. Technically, Rice is a war criminal; she has no greater right to speak than that allowed to Goering by the Nuremberg tribunal after WWII. She should be in jail; truthfully some of Bush II’s people should not even be walking the earth if they had been brought to court.
The weakness of the American left revealed itself in its failure to demand public trials for the Bush regime. The Democrats could have been as radical as the Republicans after the Civil War. Instead they swept all sorts of criminality under the rug and -“hey, that’s in the past, so let’s forget and move on.” Business as usual – continuance of American exceptionalism and American power trumped the Constitution, let alone decency and common sense. This stain is corrupting our discourse, our politics, our ability to reason about foreign and domestic policy. If it feels (as it does to many of us) that our ‘representative democracy’ is somehow slipping away from us, it may be because we refused to confront – demand accountability, punish those involved, regret and repent by policy correction – the criminality of the Bush regime, the most corrupt and outright evil of all American presidential administrations.
“But that’s all past! we can get on with the business of American business now!” Yeah, tell that to the 5k – 1mil Iraqis that Rice helped to kill.
The blood of these dead (and those dying in Iraq as a I write) is on the hands, not only of the Bush regime and its apologists, but of all who would prefer to look the other way – perhaps on all of us.
There have to be lines drawn. Murderers must not be allowed to speak just because – “hey! free speech!” No. Not for torturers. Not for murderers. Not for traitors. Not for criminals. Not for Condoleeza Rice.


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