Religion and politics, to start

I’m not going to relay much news on this blog, plenty of others do that. But this is my first post, and rather than starting off all pretentious and portentous – time for that later – I thought I’d remark on a story I read on the Huffington Post today, Dinesh D’Souza is a conservative Catholic who has debated Christopher Hitchens several times, as well as others, defending belief in God against the terrifying dangers of immoral atheism. He is also a long-time Republican operative, having served in the Reagan White House, and recently produced two propaganda films lying about Barack Obama and misrepresenting American history. Now some Florida “legislator” is trying to make one of those films required viewing in public high schools.  Frankly, the students would be better off viewing Ed Wood’s “Glen or Glenda,” at least they’d learn something about the real world. But what really got me was a notice toward the end of the article that I found particularly amusing: “In May, D’Souza pleaded guilty to a campaign finance law violation after admitting to making illegal campaign contributions in the names of others. The infraction could earn him up to two years in prison.” One of D’Souza’s main arguments for his religious faith has been that it provided him with his morality; apparently God is not a very effective moral philosopher.


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